Cellulaze: You’ve worked too hard not to try it.

Cellulaze Blog Memorial Day has passed, which means you’re most likely spending more time out of the house and in your bathing suit. Regardless of how much you’ve prepared for swimsuit season, your body may be holding on to some unwanted cellulite. Breathe easy, however. Cellulaze may be just what you need to complete your hot summer look.

Could Cellulaze be the solution for you?

If you’ve busted your tail at the gym and tamed your love for fries and cake, good for you! However, if you’re a long-time sufferer of cellulite, you may be disappointed to notice that exercise and diet alone have little bearing over cellulite. Cellulite can happen to anyone, regardless of weight, eating habits, gender, or genetics. If you’ve consistently maintained a healthy lifestyle and are not significantly overweight, but still have some lumps in your trunk…then chances are you can benefit from the revolutionary new Cellulaze treatment. Forget the intimidating traditional liposuction tools…With Cellulaze, smoothing your problem areas has never been safer or easier.

How it works

Cellulaze treats cellulite at the source of the problem. It uses laser fibers to remove the fat pockets and loosen the tight tissue bands beneath the skin that cause the bumpy effect of cellulite. The treatment also boosts the production of collagen, which increases the elasticity and depth of your skin; giving it a more youthful look. The procedure only takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. With a minimal recovery period, you’ll be back to your normal activities within a matter of days.

How Cellulaze stacks up

The beauty of Cellulaze is that it provides you with all of the benefits of typical cellulite treatments sans the negatives. It’s minimally invasive, can achieve results within just one procedure, and brings results months after the actual procedure. In fact, skin improved in elasticity and in thickness for up to 12 months following the treatment. Numbers don’t lie. After just one year, studies have shown that skin elasticity was improved by 29%, and 93% of those who underwent the procedure were satisfied with the results even one year following their treatment. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! Overall, Cellulaze is the only anti-cellulite procedure that banishes the root problem of cellulite, which is a build up of fat and tightened tissue-bands, which pull on your skin to cause the dimpling.

It sounds great, but is it safe?

The answer is yes. The Cellulaze treatment is done under a local anesthetic and the incisions that are made are so small that there isn’t any need to stitch them up after the procedure has been performed. The incision sites are less significant than those of more traditional cosmetic operation, which means less risk of infection and less pain during recovery. And since you’re not required to fully go under during the procedure, there is a less of a risk for complications related to anesthetics. The FDA has even given the Cynosure Cellulaze laser workstation their stamp of approval.

If you’re looking for the way to enhance your bathing suit body, talk with Dr. Byrd about Cellulaze. The Fourth of July is right around the corner…